Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Immediate Action Security

I have more people than usual hounding me to write Immediate Action Security, and it seems to be working. They demand chapter after chapter and I churn it out. I can't seem to stop writing this one. I am so excited to get to the next chapter, introduce someone new and expand upon existing characters. It is going in a direction that no one will expect, unless I have already divulged it. I can't believe I am going with it, but if I execute it right I think it will be amazing. Having wifi issues, otherwise I would paste a few excerpts on here.

Eventually I will jump back into Aluria: The Prophecy, my sequel, Legendary, and a couple others but right now IAS has grabbed my attention. 

Also, sometime today Zombie Strippers will be up on the FlashFlood site. I will link it when it is. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Works in Progress

Works in Progress

Here are the novels I am working on at the moment. Let me know what you think. 

Cloudy With a Chance of InsanityThis one picks up right where Sunny With a Chance of Homicide left off. It focuses on the consequences of Randall's actions and centers around what a Mother is willing to do to save her own name. This will either be the final, or next to final novel in this set.

Lengendary-Another YA Fantasy
Tarek gets a letter telling him he is the king of a faraway place that he's never heard of, Alzagnia. He must pack his things and leave immediately leaving his best friend and family behind. All the while trying to come to terms with the fact that he was adopted and no one ever told him. Without the aid of Pennington, his new friend and confidant, he would have no chance adjusting to his new life style.

As king he must lead the Zaga(the Alzagnian army) in hopes of defeating Lazaar, who is rumored to have control of the Legendary Dragon. Tarek must try to convince the five dragons to join together to defeat the Legendary Dragon-there is no other way.

Immediate Action Security-A home security company run by serial killers.

Aluria: The Prophecy-This is the first in a YA fantasy series centered around Skye Daria Stone and her time spent in Aluria. Skye is a sixteen year old who runs away after experiencing some family problems. After a bizarre boat-ride she finds herself in a place unlike she has ever seen before. Little did she know, the place she ended up was experiencing problems far worse than her own. She meets Lance, a member of a peace-loving race, the Alurians who have been forced underground by the evil Lord Furgison. Lance tells her she is the one from their prophecies, the only one who can save them and help them return to life as it was before. Lord Furgison's plans are aided by seven types of monsters: Pride, Lust, Anger, Envy, Sloth, Greed, and Gluttony. In this land, the seven deadly sins aren't ideas, they're real and will do everything in their power to keep Lord Furgison in Power. Skye is joined by Lance and four others to embark on the journey of a life time, putting everything at risk to save this wonderful race of people.                                   

Sunny With a Chance of Homicide

My debut novel, Sunny With a Chance of Homicide has been picked up by Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing. Shortly, I will have an official release date and we can go from there. I am very excited to finally give Sunny With a Chance of Homicide the attention it deserves.

Synopsis: Waking up in solitary confinement is never fun for anyone, and Randall is no exception. He is subjected to relive crucial moments from his past until he finds himself out on his own, free. He finds new love, but as always an old flame complicates things. His reality and fantasy worlds collide putting him in a very compromising position. Can he make it out with his relationships intact?

Here are a few of the reviews for it:

“I was one of a small fraction of lucky people to have read parts of this novel as it was in progress, and to see the final result is wonderful. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat as Randall goes about his day-to-day life and the crazy things meandering through his mind. Sorting out what is real and what is a figment of Randall's imagination keeps you guessing until the very end.” (Jason Maurer, )

“Captivating. I am sure to read more works by T.R. Stoddard in the near future.” Catherine Stovall,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Finished at last.

Yesterday I finished Don't Ask, Don't Tell and I couldn't be happier. Here is the official synopsis.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is an anti-gay policy sweeping the Bible Belt portion of the nation. Freshman journalism student Rachael Ainsley goes undercover as a high school senior named Cassie Rae for a tell-all exposé, hoping to drastically alter the Gay Rights Movement. She instantly befriends the gayest boy in school. Imagine his surprise when he finds out who she really is. Can she stick to her deadline, or will she be discovered before she has a chance to change the lives of the students attending Mooreville High?

I am looking so forward to sharing this particular novel with the world. 

*happy dances*

That is all, for now.