Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Immediate Action Security

I have more people than usual hounding me to write Immediate Action Security, and it seems to be working. They demand chapter after chapter and I churn it out. I can't seem to stop writing this one. I am so excited to get to the next chapter, introduce someone new and expand upon existing characters. It is going in a direction that no one will expect, unless I have already divulged it. I can't believe I am going with it, but if I execute it right I think it will be amazing. Having wifi issues, otherwise I would paste a few excerpts on here.

Eventually I will jump back into Aluria: The Prophecy, my sequel, Legendary, and a couple others but right now IAS has grabbed my attention. 

Also, sometime today Zombie Strippers will be up on the FlashFlood site. I will link it when it is. 

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  1. Work hard and it will pay off! Write what you think works best for the story, and forget about what other people may think! <3