Friday, June 1, 2012

The Sky: The World Review

The Sky: The World by Jessica McHugh ***** five stars

Mysterious and Captivating

Everything about The Sky: The World drew me in: the cover art, the name, and the mysterious Doctor Azaz. I wanted to get to know Jack Racine and therefore it immediately jumped to the top of my “to be read” list. I have always been intrigued by the steampunk genre, but had yet to read anything in it. If they are anything like The Sky: The World, I will be sure to read more. The characters are engaging and believable, no character being all good or all bad. Egyptian Mythology is worked so well into the plot, you can almost believe that this world exists. Even while I wasn’t reading it, parts of the book were always in my mind. And to me, that is the mark of a good book. Something that not only makes you think, but something that makes you think of it long after you put it down. 

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