Friday, December 9, 2011

ADHD Monster

I haven't blogged about much of anything in a while.
I haven't written anything in quite a while.
I am finally reading again, now that I have time.
There is just one problem.
I cannot seem to stick to one thing. The ADHD monster came out of hiding and is making its presence known every time I start in on something.
Just this morning I have read parts of the following books:
Venn by Jessica Albert
Blood and Light by Rue Volley
The Time Weaver by Thomas A. Knight
A Stolen Life by Jaycee Duggard 
Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

I am the same way with writing. I cannot focus on one project at a time. That is probably why I have so many going. I have to have at least three things on my plate at all times, and this can be said with just about all facets of my life. I need a certain number of movies to watch, TV shows to be addicted to, and so on. 

Also, I wish I could read and write simultaneously, that way I wouldn't have to choose between the two at any given time. Sure I can write reviews, but that isn't the same. I want to create my own art, while reading someone else's. 

In other news, Christmas is just sixteen days away. I think I will be working on Christmas, though. They haven't posted the schedule, it's just something I think will happen. 

Oh, I also started a Tumblr. It has no substance, like most of the Tumblrs I see. I just post and reblog images and quotes pertaining to my favorite shows and whatnot. 

Enough rambling for me. Here it is, if you want to check it out.

You know you want to click it...

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Dream I Had Last Night

I had a startling dream last night. My current boss was in it and she was being strangely nice to me. That should have been the first sign that something was amiss. But she wasn't my boss from work or anything like that, I think she was an English teacher or some such thing. (Which is absolutely ridiculous, because English is her second language.) Anyway. Some friend of mine had given her an outline or something of a novel of mine and she came up to me and said "You don't need to stay all of class. Each day you can come in, do one paper, and then leave to work on your novel." So I was pretty excited. She then said "Oh. I doubt you could write a novel anyway." And I looked at her and said "I have written a novel and I have several in the works right now." She gave me this condescending look and said "Oh. I meant you could never write a good novel." and scoffed at me.

Instead of disappointing me, it made me even more determined to write some timeless, brilliant novel. Here's hoping. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Farewell NaNoWriMo

It is time for me to stop kidding myself. While I am still a strong believer of NaNoWriMo for others, it is just not for me. I cannot focus solely on one novel. It is not my style. I will end up getting bored of writing one, and writing another 2,000 words on another novel. Maybe even a few on another. 

There is no doubt that I will write 50,000 words during the month of November, but it will not be on one single novel. 
The months started off with lots of hours at work and being really sick. I still have the remnants of the mutant cold. Long story short. I'm out. Done. Finito. No more NaNo for me. Not now. If there is ever a time in my life when I am only working on one novel and have the time to do so, then, and only then will I attempt it again. 

Like my fiance has been saying lately. If it stops feeling fun and starts to feel like work/or forced, stop until it is fun again.

After all, writing is my passion. If I get to make enough money to live on with my writing, it still wouldn't be work. It is a drive. A love. So I will continue adding to Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Aluria: The Prophecy, and my Alzagnia(working title) and soon I will be getting back to the sequel of Sunny With a Chance of Homicide. So, halfway through I throw in my towel, because a writing exercise/contest isn't worth making my writing strained and feel like work. Good luck to those still faithful to NaNoWriMo. 

November is the month where you make a huge goal, and you end up accomplishing a bunch of other ones. Be it focusing on other works, editing, or something unrelated to writing. Chances are you have accomplished more than you think this November.

Write on.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Night Terror Troubles

Let me preface that this isn't a story, it is exactly what I am experiencing. Maybe if I write as much as I can about the subject, I can finally get some sleep, if only for a little while. 

Tonight, I am forced awake in the middle of the night by a night terror. Not your average, run of the mill nightmare. Basically, think of the most intense nightmare you've ever had. Now, trap yourself in it where you cannot get out. Now add waking up enough to see the room around you, but the dream elements remain. Oh, and you can't move due to sleep paralysis. Sometimes you think you are waking up, but you are forever trapped in the terror. Oh, and a lot of the time there is an intense pressure on your chest, probably sleep apnea, but it is terrifying. 

Most professionals say that the episodes only last about fifteen minutes. I'm not sure, I haven't counted in any way that would make sense. To the sufferer they feel like they last hours. And when you can decipher whether or not it is a dream, it doesn't calm you like you think it would. You are trapped, paralyzed. The only way to break free is to struggle to move, or scream in hopes that someone hears you. But the screams aren't loud. They come out as a muffled whimper. Even knowing it's not real, just a terrible combination of sleep in the wrong cycle and physiological conditions. I never want to sleep again after having my night terrors. Knowing it's a dream isn't enough to lull me back into a potentially terrifying sleep. It does live up to it's name. A night terror can turn the most mundane thing, terrifying. Which doesn't help, because my overactive imagination can do the same thing. 

These started when I was about thirteen and have been plaguing me since. Sometimes they don't show up for a while, and sometimes I have a long string of them in a row. Saturday night I had three. After having one a sense of unrest and dread follows me for the rest of the day. I'm trying to figure out what triggered them all in a row like that. They make it so I get virtually no sleep. 

So I am wondering if my night terrors hooked up with the contents of American Horror Story s01e06, because it was a heavily ghost ridden terror. But I couldn't see them. You had to wear this mask. If I were the tiniest bit artistically inclined, I would try to sketch them. But unfortunately, if I tried, they would just look like a penis. So, I will try to use my sleep-deprived words.

Let me preface this by saying that any person, place, or thing can become the object of a night terror. I have fallen through sticky beds, being dragged by some unknown thing. But often people I know become a part of them in a sinister way. This time included my sister and her best friend. They don't flow in the normal way, they are very disjointed and switch topics rapidly. The only constant is fear. Not the good kind where you watch a horror story, the horrible one where you are a horror story. 

Anyway. Let's get right to it. My night terror sister, Ginny, was pointing to people that weren't there and introducing them. Like, she was egging them on to kill me. And I was like there is no one here wtf are you talking about? So these masks appear on their faces(the ones that might look like penises if I drew them) Imagine goggles, like cool Steampunk goggles without all of the trinkets and do dads. Just the basic frame. Maybe not so wide as Steampunk. Maybe steampunkified Aviator goggles. They had green lenses and a long, white, almost paper mache noses. Imagine a sinister Pinnochio with green eyes and an unrelenting long nose. Don't ask me why, but in the terror they were terrifying.  

I am trying to write myself into an exhausted state, one where I have no choice but fall asleep. Because right now it is really hard for me to elect to go to sleep. I know I need to, but I need another night terror even less than I need sleep. And then there is another issue: when I feel like I am going to have a normal nightmare, or suspect I might end up having a night terror, I find something scary in everything. EVERYTHING. I can think of puppies, bunnies, money, love, kittens. I turn each and every last one into the most terrifying thing I can think of. I always have. It's like a severe form of reverse psychology. All I want are good thoughts before bed, all I get are bad ones.

I have no clue if any of you are following this. Hell, I don't even know if I am coherent. I am so tired that I cannot see straight. And the things is night terrors are SUPER common. Especially in adults. And no one knows what you mean unless they've had one. And I've met ONE person with them. Do any of my followers have night terrors? If so, what aspect is the most terrifying to you?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 6: Still Behind

Some sort of sick was determined to wreak havoc on me and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Honestly I was ready to scrap NaNo. Too much time spent sick or at work with no impetus to write. But my Saturday muse saved the day. For some reason on Saturdays and Sundays I write prolifically. Don't ask me why, I'll take it whenever my muse has time out of its busy schedule. Who knows who else it works for. Or perhaps it takes some temp jobs. Anyhow, I am happy when it visits. My muse saved NaNoWriMo, and while I am not even close to caught up, I have momentum. 

Here is an excerpt from Alzagnia(Working Title) my NaNo novel.

“When can my parents and Johnny come to Alzania? Won’t they be here in time for my coronation?” 

“I’m sorry Tarek, Alzagnia is no place for outsiders.”

“But Johnny is my best friend, and they’re my parents!” I pleaded.

“It wouldn't be safe for them here. Lazaar would put them in danger, not to mention we don’t want the outside world to even know about us. They would not understand our ways or the creatures that call Alzagnia home.”

Wait. So I was going to be king but I couldn’t even see my friends of family. This was not fair. And aside from blood, I was an outsider.

“I am an outsider.” I said bluntly to the woman who gave birth to me. I still wasn’t sure what to call her. 

“No. Alzagnia knows you.” She sounded serious, but to me she just sounded ridiculous. How the hell could a country, or a kingdom know me? 

“Places can’t know people. People know people.” I said, imagining Alzagnia personally welcoming me home and congratulating me on my coronation.

“Alzagnia is not like the land you grew up in. When you are coronated  tomorrow, you will have the full support of Alzagnia behind your reign. Not just the people of Alzagnia are loyal, so too are the creatures. If a creature is pure and true to the land, they will fight for you. The pulse beats strong in Alzagnia, Tarek. And starting tomorrow, it will beat for you.” Her face was still serious, but it was also something else. Pride. I wasn’t sure if she was proud of me or if she was proud of Alzagnia. 

Blog Savvy

Those are not two words that would describe me at the moment. For some reason my brain is not connecting with anything computer related. Honestly, I am ready to quit typing up what I wrote today in fear that my laptop will explode. Yeah, it's been that kind of day. 

I am just a writer. I need someone for my tech stuff. Lol. I am right brained, right brained!

The Liebster Blog Award

So, I got this awesome blog award.  The Liebster Blog Award is granted by readers to their favorite up-and-coming bloggers with under 200 followers.  And somehow my blog was nominated by not one, but two crazy cool authors. 

I was first nominated by the awesome Jessica McHugh, and had she not nominated me, she would have been one of my choices. Jessica's Blog You can find out more about her at Here

One day later I was also nominated by Joseph T. J Eastwood. I always check in to see his writing tips, poetry, or updates on his current works. See his blog here.

The rules of accepting and receiving The Liebster Blog Award are:
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog. 
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy & Paste the blog award on your blog.
4. Reveal your 5 blog picks.
5. Let them know you choose them by leaving a comment on their blog.

Now for the tough part. Picking only five blogs from the phenomenal blogs that are in my dashboard. I hope you all follow these amazing blogs, after all...that is the point of this. Showing our appreciation to blogs under 200 followers. is another blog by Joseph Eastwood and is full of supernatural goodies. is a great blog by Garden Summerland. Rainy Day Dreamer Blog The awesome blog by Sarah Davis

and finally Not an author blog, but one I enjoy nonetheless. A lot of cats and pictures get reposted, but there are also legitimate posts. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review of Razor by Rue Volley: Warning Adult Content

Let’s just assume that anyone reading my review of Rue Volley’s erotic piece, Razor, is okay with profanity. That being said, let’s get to it.

We find Lilah in a club looking for a good fuck to help her forget her dead lover, Rin. She just wants a good lay and there is nothing  saccharine about it. She is on a purely carnal mission. 

Unsatisfied, she leaves and shortly we are introduced to her best friend and one time lover. The search for blood and pain, Lilah’s ultimate orgasmic combination, lead them to an old haunt-- Razor, an exclusive fetish club that pushes the boundaries of pleasure and pain. 

I don’t want to give too much away, so let me say this. Grab a copy and you will not be disappointed. That is, if you love reading something dark, twisted, and sexually charged. And who doesn’t like that? 

The ending is a complete mind fuck and it leaves you wanting more. I will anxiously submit myself to the sequel. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day One Part One

At around one a.m. I started my NaNoWriMo novel. I have about 1,000 words thus far, and am forcing myself to stay up until I reach that magic 1666 words. I am only 300 words away from that goal now. I will post this entry as soon as I reach my goal. Then it's bedtime for me. I am up about 5 hours past my normal sleepy time. But that's what this whole experience is about. Ridiculous time related goals and pushing yourself to get things done. Now to write 300 words, should be easy. Writing near midnight almost gives another day, as I will be attempting another 1666 words when I wake up. 200 words to go. I did it. This is going to be a long, sleep-deprived month. It's 4 a.m. and I think it's definitely time to sleep.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writing Field Trip

Writing Field Trip

While I am normally posting a poem or three, today isn't going to be Poetry Thursday. I am going to Cassadaga, Fl today to have a nice writing field trip. Getting away from the normal places and having a nice picnic by the lake. A little background on Cassadaga, if you've never heard of it. It is claimed to be super haunted, and it is also has the largest number of spiritualists living in one place. It is very peaceful, the air just feels calm when you get outside. No Paranormal Activity 3 shit here. 

If anyone knows me, they know I am a skeptic about everything. But today I am going orb hunting. I'm not expecting anything, but I think it will be fun nonetheless. It will be just me and my fiance. So I am looking forward to today. Just sitting by the lake, absorbed in our notebooks. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Concerning NaNoWriMo

So I've been reading a lot of posts about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month for those of you that squinted at the strange jumble of letters haphazardly capitalized. Opinions concerning NaNo are never tepid; they are either burning hot or freezing cold. In short--people either Love or Hate NaNo.
I was actually getting geared up, and then the negative posts outnumbered the positive ones. 

Things I've heard about NaNoWriMo+

  • Write a novel in a month
  • Wonderful community
  • Caffeine
  • Literary abandon
  • 50,000 freaking words

Things I've heard about NaNoWriMo-

  • Encourages people to write crap(quantity over quality)
  • Nothing of substance to work with
  • And just about everything else dissing it

With all the bad rap, it is hard to be as excited as I previously was. As writers we know this: like it or not, words do influence people. Maybe they always shouldn't, but they do. A lot of the posts I've been reading put a really bad spin on things. They make it seem like no legitimate novelist would be caught dead participating in NaNoWriMo. It's not like I actually think I will win or anything, but all the nay-sayers are kind of a downer. 

I will be doing NaNoWriMo this year. At the beginning of things it was just about completing the goal, but you know what. I'm going to try to prove the nay-sayers wrong and write an amazing kick-ass first 50,000 words of my novel by December 1st. This novel has been forming itself in my head for about three years, all that's left to do is let it down on paper and word document. And with that, I wish you all a happy National Novel Writing Month whether you are excited about it or wish the participants ill will.

Write on...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Danny Marble and the Application for Non-Scary Things by Jessica McHugh

Danny Marble and the Application for Non-Scary Things is the first book I've read from Jessica McHugh, but it certainly won't be my last. From the first page I was intrigued, and could instantly relate to Danny Marble. I know my nightmares aren't real, but that doesn't make them any less terrifying. Also, I know the burden they can cause others, so it is best to tuck them away and deal with them on your own. The imagery is captivating and I am devouring it like the moon did the cow. As if his home problems aren't bad enough, his school problems are just as bad with constant mockery and bullying from his peers. Danny’s three scary things are very real and so is his bullying arch-nemesis Edmond Gray. The only thing positive in his world of grey is Jenna Vale. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I will just say this: A dream sends him to another world which is masterfully blended with Greek mythology. Danny Marble goes on the ultimate hero’s journey without the nasty downfall of hubris. I would recommend this to kids of any age and the kid in all of us. I will be keeping my eyes open for more Jessica McHugh books. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hourglass: A Poem

My hourglass is cracked
How would you react?
If every second
Extra grains of life
Slipped right through.
What would you do?

The times it can be turned
Has gone to the max.
I’m at death’s door
I just sent them a fax
All because of my
Cracked hourglass.

Others have bigger ones
Taller and wider
Filled with more sand
With a smaller divider
The sand grains flow slowly
So longer the life

There’s nothing to do now
But sit and wait
No glue can help me
It‘s far too late.
My hourglass is cracked
And my proverbial bags are packed

To cross to the land of death
Where all dead things go
Souls left to roam
All because their hourglass 
They were entombed  
In the endless sea of souls

I watched as the last grain
Fell through the crack
All of this time
I can never get back
Now I’m just another soul
Looking for home. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hidden[A short horror story]


“Stay awake. Everything will be okay if I can just stay awake.” David urged himself, eyes bloodshot sipping the remnants of a quickly disappearing pot of coffee. He would do anything to stay awake, his  life depended on it. His tongue favored the empty sockets in his mouth. A casualty from the first time he resigned himself to sleep.

Seconds after closing his eyes, he found himself in a makeshift dentist’s office: No anesthetics, primitive tools, strapped to a chair. He couldn’t see the dentist, but he could trace every movement. Someone prying his mouth open. The clumsy exploration with sub par tools. The feel of knives and pliers. The sickening crunch of relenting tooth, the stab of shards unharvested. Pure agony as tooth and knife and hard metal danced with blood and spit. 

Desperately screaming for help, but nothing comes out. Just gushing blood and the taste of pure fear. The dentist said nothing, merely laughing at David’s distress while extracting the teeth. Three teeth stolen, overwhelming pain radiating from the freshly made holes. Nearly choking on his own blood David heard the dentist say one thing. “The clues to immortality lie hidden within you, we have come to harvest them.” then he unstrapped David and vanished with the teeth.

The moment David stood up his eyes flashed open and he was on his now bloodstained couch. He ran to the mirror and his greatest fear had been realized. Whatever he’d experienced was reality, the three teeth were missing and there was blood all over him. David vowed never to sleep again, he didn’t care if it drove him mad. Anything was better than being some sort of human treasure map to immortality. He would die before that happened, though he feared death would come either way. 

After that terrifying incident David started brewing coffee: pot after pot after pot. Draining each in quick succession. If he could’ve injected the coffee straight into his veins, he would have. Though there was a good chance he might bleed coffee if he somehow drifted to his perilous slumber and got hurt. 

Dave was beyond exhausted, but the caffeine kept his eyelids at attention. He jumped at every sound, and expected the worst around every corner. His trips to the bathroom were frequent. The sight of the shower gave him hope. Not the full-fledged, everything will be okay kind of hope. More like the decaying shell of hope that might stay together just long enough to tease, then deteriorate beyond recognition.

He shed his coffee-stained clothing and stepped into the shower. A cold shower killed erections, maybe the same could be said about fear. His shaking hands clasped the knob and he turned it all the way to the left. For a moment frigid water rained down followed by scalding hot water. Steam went up in billows, fogging his glass shower doors. He tried to adjust the water, getting it no cooler than a very hot shower. The shower door caught his eye, in the fogged glass there was a message.

If you Leave, You Will Die

Was he dreaming? Did he somehow fall asleep? He didn’t feel asleep. Obeying the ominous message, he remained in the shower. He couldn’t adjust the temperature and the water slowly but surely lulled him to sleep.

Shrouded in mist. Distant screams, floating figure caught David’s eye. The growl of demons approaching unsettled his caffeine riddled brain. Sharp claws poisoned his belly. Thick, muddled blood dripping in a slow but constant manner. Drip. Drip. Drip. His insides were burning, and his blood pooling, collecting ion a container that was ripe for the taking. 

The demons retreated, but still he was bleeding. A distant voice, approving his blood. “The key to immortality lies hidden within you.” his eyes flashed and his shower was red with his blood mixed with water. Carnage all over. He knew he was going to die. 

Helpless, he let the water rush over him. Poison receding, all that remained were four small gouges and lethargy started to set in. The fight was draining him, as was his energy. He didn’t yet resign himself to death, but he did the next worst thing. He resigned himself to sleep.

Unintelligible whispers enveloped him, planting the seeds of paranoia within. You will die…but in good time. They will harvest what they need, first. Only then will they discard your bloody corpse like the garbage it is. He tried to drive the voices from his head, but they found a home there. High levels of sleep deprivation coupled with intense fear and pain were the perfect breeding ground for the voices to live and flourish. 

Dave, consumed by the voices, completely unaware of the cloaked figure approaching. The figure scanned David’s naked, bloody body for the perfect patch of skin. It would know it when it saw it. For the briefest moment, a portion of his skin glowed red. Drawing the knife, the figure began to carve the swatch of skin away. 

David’s screams of agony waned as the voices grew louder. You will die…there is no reason to fight it. Physical pain is just temporary. Soon you will be nothing. The voices assured him. The figure had the dripping, flaccid flesh in its hand. Before leaving, it said one thing. “The key to immortality lies hidden within you.” The figure disappeared and the voices quelled. 

David woke up in the shower shaking, covered in his own blood. Intense pain spanned his entire leg and stomach. The thought of food repulsed him, and he couldn’t get up. The skinless area of his thigh was large enough to surround his hand with at least an inch on each side. The water still ran hot, which was strange because his hot water heater was never this kind.

Generally after a twenty minute hot shower it would take ages to conjure more. The stray drops of water stung his leg, keeping him just conscious enough to keep himself awake. The bathroom lights went out, and the message on the shower door glowed red. David wasn’t sure if the pain had caused him to grow delirious, or if the message he saw was real. 

Mustering every ounce of energy and will power, he crawled to the shower doors. Trying his damnedest to pry the doors open, they would not open. The metal sides of the shower door were gouging deep under the nails on his nails on his trembling fingers. Pounding on the shower doors, he could not get out. Trapped. He was trapped.

Fist clenched, bloodied nails digging into the flesh of his hand he pounded on the glass. It wouldn’t give. He pounded and pounded and pounded. The pounding stopped only when Dave collapsed. Upon collapsing he passed over to the land of sleep.

Dave came to in a grimy operating room. The cold metallic table froze his fevered flesh. A surgeon approached the gurney in jet black scrubs, he had lowing red eyes. The hellish surgeon began hastily sawing limbs off, binding them about the amputation site. Both arms and both legs had been removed.

The voices settled around Dave once more, calming his earsplitting scrams. David wasn’t going anywhere, so the surgeon took the opportunity to search through the limbs with reckless abandon. He harvested the left femur, the right ulna, and all ten fingers. The bones had been secured. The surgeon left, replaced by a surgeon in red scrubs, with black piercing eyes. He used his scalpel to perform a living autopsy on Dave. The surgeon was after one thing--his heart. He harvested it and said one thing to David’s lifeless body.

“The key to immortality has been found because of you.”

Dave didn’t wake up, but his shell of a body remained in his shower, water still running. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Inspired Poems

Florida Faux Fall

Oak trees filtering
The light from above
Maple leaves
Beneath your feet
Nowhere to be found
On the Florida ground
A chill in the air
Just a momentary tease
Never enough
To freeze even bees

Candy Apples

Apples harvested
Candied with care
Ready to hand out
To anxious girls
And eager boys.

Unaware of the
Metallic treat inside
First bite
Always safe
Second bite
Nothing there
Third bite
Draws blood

Everyone’s favorite 
Time of year
Razor blades
And candy apples
Go together like
Scarecrows and 
candy corn.
And candles.
Black cats 
And skeletons.

Candy apples
And razorblades

Victim: Identity Unknown

My latest victim
Safely hidden
Until it’s time
To operate.

Tools in hand
Steady their face
Carving out one eye
And then the other.
Fluid leaking
The nose must be
Out with the mouth. 

After all body parts 
Are properly removed
And cleaned
I sit back
And admire
My jack-o-lantern 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

I'm so pleased with all of the positive feedback and support that I've been getting for Don't Ask, Don't Tell: A Month in Reformation Hall. This project started out as nothing, a simple few hundred words typed in a word document, closed and forgotten. That is, until September, 16 of this year. I found the words and a story emerged. At that time I thought it was going to be a short story, or maybe a novelette tops. But now it is turning into a fully fledged YA novel, and I couldn't be happier. This one is going along rather quickly. Already at 20,000 words with no signs of slowing down. If you've missed the synopsis flying around, here it is:

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is an anti-gay policy sweeping the Bible Belt portion of the nation. Freshman journalism student Rachael Ainsley goes undercover as a high school senior named Cassie Rae for a tell-all exposé, hoping to drastically alter the Gay Rights Movement. She instantly befriends the gayest boy in school. Imagine his surprise when he finds out who she is…


 “I’m Zane. These are the consequences.”

He handed her a small booklet.

ANTI-Distraction PRO-Education
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

1. No student may openly discuss their sexual orientation if it lies outside of the traditional man-woman pairing.
2. No student may take another student of the same sex to a dance or school function as anything more than friends. 
3. No same sex student may show any public displays of affection [PDA].
4. No male student may wear female clothing.
5. No male student may wear make-up.
6. All books addressing or promoting homosexuality are hereby banned. 
7. If any student makes their unfavorable sexual orientation known they will thereby forfeit their gym class, which will be replaced by Reformation Hall.
8. Students forfeit inclusion in sports and extra-curricular activities if they let their unfavorable sexual orientation known.
9. If a student is “cured” he or she may return to gym and other all extra-curricular activities.


First Warning: Removal from gym.
Second Warning: Removal from sports and other extra-curricular activities. 
Third Warning: In School Suspension ISS
Fourth Warning: Suspension
Fifth Warning: Expulsion

If all students follow this handbook, we will have a happy and uneventful year. By continuing to attend classes, you have agreed to the terms and agreements within.

She closed the pamphlet in horror. How could this be legal? If they substituted gay for black, suddenly it would be something to cause outrage with students. It was still an outrage, at least to her. And after a month of undercover attendance, she would expose this ludicrous plan to the world. The ACLU and other organization would have a field day. She was so lost in her thoughts she forgot all about Zane, who was staring at her waiting for her opinion.

Author Interview: CarolLee Miles--Author of Getting Paid to Cruise

Hello and welcome to my blog CarolLee. Tell everyone a bit about yourself.
My name is CarolLee Miles, Author of “Getting Paid to Cruise: Secrets of a Professional Cruise Host” – a labor of love and peace, combined with personal, professional and philosophical sharing.  For the past 25+ years I have taken tour groups all over the world, having traveled on all 7 continents, in over 100 countries and about as many cruises.  I live in the Denver area and love the innocence and sense of wonder through children, especially my own two daughters and four grandchildren. 

How long have you been writing?  I started formulating the book in my mind in 2008, and actually writing in early 2009.

Tell everyone here about "Getting Paid to Cruise"  “Getting Paid to Cruise” is divided by photographs into halves  – the first half is a technical guide for using when a Cruise Host accompanies a group on board any cruise ship.  The info is based on “Embarkation to Disembarkation.” The Cruise Host may be professionally trained as such, or may be a Travel Agent who goes along with the group he/she has booked.  The second half contains personal, professional and philosophical “secrets” learned in my 25 years of experience, and leads the reader into the future with what I call a sense of inner peace.  There are questions at the end of each chapter that also lead the reader on his/her own journey of self-discovery.   

What brought you to writing this book?   I attended a ytb (Your Travel Biz) Convention in 2008 where there were over 18,000 participants searching for any kind of travel information they could find.  As many were new to the travel business and some had never taken a cruise, I decided I could help thousands of people by putting what was in my head down on paper so they would have a guide to use when they escorted groups on cruise ships.   Since cruising was and is one of my passions, it seemed to “fit” my over-all goal in life – helping people.

What kinds of "secrets" do you share?   Secrets shared are my personal life story, how I got started getting paid to cruise, how determination and focus can lead you to success, how to address fear in career change, how to replace F-E-A-R with L-O-V-E, personal stories from my career, a model for “conflict confrontation,” my personal Peace Journey, my definition of L-U-C-K (Love Until Creation Knocks), my motto: Dream it! Speak it! Write it! Live it!

Do you feel anyone can make money in Cruising?   If someone has a desire to cruise and make money doing so, yes there are ways to do so.  I believe anything is possible when a person zeroes in on a career leading to their highest good.  If that includes cruising, so be it. 

Oh, so this is a "self-improvement" type book also?   Absolutely this book comes under the category of “self improvement.”  There is a lot of psychology in the book as well as soul-searching if the reader chooses to use the book in that way.  I love self-improvement.  I believe when one decides to “go to the next level” of understanding a need to be a better person and proceeds in a given direction, the person has taken advantage of certain lessons learned and is moving on with life in a positive way.    

Are you involved in any "causes" near and dear to your heart?   Terrorist actions of any kind are near and dear to my heart.  One creates “terror” when one abuses another, and I speak with various empowerment groups to educate those dealing with or having dealt with verbal, mental, psychological and physical abuse.  Certainly one who abuses children is a terrorist in many ways.   I am one of many building an “Army of Advocates” to educate parents about the subtle terrorism in today’s Internet world such as cyber bullying and child predators.  I have traveled in Vietnam and Cambodia to educate myself on the subject of Human Trafficking, then came home to realize it goes on all around us in today’s day and age.  I believe we all have an opportunity to help parents and grandparents realize what goes on and how to deal with such situations.

Can you explain your "Peace Journey"  In 1996 I was given the words to a Poem entitled “Peace” while preparing for a trip to Israel & Egypt with a tour group.  I personally was praying for PEACE in my own life because I felt I had none.  A bomb went off in Jerusalem, shaking the windows of the hotel where we stayed.  When I opened my window what I heard was a song of Peace.  When I returned from that trip I was writing prolific poetry – 10, 12 or 15 poems a night.  It was profound because I had never written poetry with any meaning before.  Then I was led to various people in the music industry who told me what I was writing was song lyrics – so I asked them to put the words to music.  In 1999, I published a CD entitled “Peace” that contains 18 songs made from my lyrics, set to music by 4 different composers around the country.  The CD has made its way into various countries and many orphanages:  Vietnam, Cambodia, Haiti, India, several countries in Africa, Iran, Romania, Russia, Mexico, etc.  My life has been blessed a billion times over with this work.  If I can help an abused child or adult, I believe I am fulfilling my life’s work here on earth.

Do you have any other books out or planned for the future?  Not really.  I once dreamed of putting my life story in a screenplay, but somehow it seems too personal. For now what I have written seems satisfactory as there is so much of my life in it.  Perhaps one day I might do a children’s book series.  My mind never seems to rest much, as any creative person knows.  I’m always filled with ideas. 

Obviously cruising has been a huge inspiration of yours, does anything else inspire you?  Seeing people reach out to touch other people’s lives inspires me.  Those that have made k-zillions of dollars reaching out to touch others with a cause near and dear to their heart inspire me.  Talking with someone who has that deep sense of “inner peace” and is willing to share his/her story inspires me.  Songwriters who touch the world with their music, especially as it relates to “forgiveness” or “freedom,” inspire me.  Someone who touches the world because of deep-seated faith or spiritual presence (such as Mother Theresa) inspires me.  
Travel destination:  Antarctica, Holy Land
Pastime:  Dancing, Sharing from deep within
Food:  Salmon; Steak
Beverage:   Red Wine; Healthy Coffee
Color:  Blue
Movie:  Dancing with Wolves
TV show:  American Idol
Book:  Bible.  Right now reading “The Help” and loving it, Bridges of Madison County
Author:  Various
Animal:  Yellow Lab
Holiday:  Christmas
Contact Information:    Website:    Email:     Phone:  303-690-0405
It was a pleasure having you on my blog.   I would love to send you a personally autographed book.  It will be on the way shortly.  THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your greater calling.  I hope we can meet in person one day.   Obviously where there is a will there is a way. 

Stay tuned for my review of CarolLee Miles wonderful book Getting Paid to Cruise and my impression of her inspiring PEACE cd. I thoroughly enjoyed corresponding with her, and hope her book and story continue to touch the lives of others. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Part of Horror Story

“Stay awake. Everything will be okay if I can just stay awake.” David urged himself, eyes bloodshot sipping the remnants of a quickly disappearing pot of coffee. He would do anything to stay awake, his  life depended on it. His tongue favored the empty sockets in his mouth. A casualty from the first time he resigned himself to sleep.

Seconds after closing his eyes, he found himself in a makeshift dentist’s office: No anesthetics, primitive tools, strapped to a chair. He couldn’t see the dentist, but he could trace every movement. Someone prying his mouth open. The clumsy exploration with sub par tools. The feel of knives and pliers. The sickening crunch of relenting tooth, the stab of shards unharvested. Pure agony as tooth and knife and hard metal danced with blood and spit. 

Desperately screaming for help, but nothing comes out. Just gushing blood and the taste of pure fear. The dentist said nothing, merely laughing at David’s distress while extracting the teeth. Three teeth stolen, overwhelming pain radiating from the freshly made holes. Nearly choking on his own blood David heard the dentist say one thing. “The clues to immortality lie hidden within you, we have come to harvest them.” then he unstrapped David and vanished with the teeth.

The moment David stood up his eyes flashed open and he was on his now bloodstained couch. He ran to the mirror and his greatest fear had been realized. Whatever he’d experienced was reality, the three teeth were missing and there was blood all over him. David vowed never to sleep again, he didn’t care if it drove him mad. Anything was better than being some sort of human treasure map to immortality. He would die before that happened, though he feared death would come either way.