Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Inspired Poems

Florida Faux Fall

Oak trees filtering
The light from above
Maple leaves
Beneath your feet
Nowhere to be found
On the Florida ground
A chill in the air
Just a momentary tease
Never enough
To freeze even bees

Candy Apples

Apples harvested
Candied with care
Ready to hand out
To anxious girls
And eager boys.

Unaware of the
Metallic treat inside
First bite
Always safe
Second bite
Nothing there
Third bite
Draws blood

Everyone’s favorite 
Time of year
Razor blades
And candy apples
Go together like
Scarecrows and 
candy corn.
And candles.
Black cats 
And skeletons.

Candy apples
And razorblades

Victim: Identity Unknown

My latest victim
Safely hidden
Until it’s time
To operate.

Tools in hand
Steady their face
Carving out one eye
And then the other.
Fluid leaking
The nose must be
Out with the mouth. 

After all body parts 
Are properly removed
And cleaned
I sit back
And admire
My jack-o-lantern 

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