Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hourglass: A Poem

My hourglass is cracked
How would you react?
If every second
Extra grains of life
Slipped right through.
What would you do?

The times it can be turned
Has gone to the max.
I’m at death’s door
I just sent them a fax
All because of my
Cracked hourglass.

Others have bigger ones
Taller and wider
Filled with more sand
With a smaller divider
The sand grains flow slowly
So longer the life

There’s nothing to do now
But sit and wait
No glue can help me
It‘s far too late.
My hourglass is cracked
And my proverbial bags are packed

To cross to the land of death
Where all dead things go
Souls left to roam
All because their hourglass 
They were entombed  
In the endless sea of souls

I watched as the last grain
Fell through the crack
All of this time
I can never get back
Now I’m just another soul
Looking for home. 

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