Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

I'm so pleased with all of the positive feedback and support that I've been getting for Don't Ask, Don't Tell: A Month in Reformation Hall. This project started out as nothing, a simple few hundred words typed in a word document, closed and forgotten. That is, until September, 16 of this year. I found the words and a story emerged. At that time I thought it was going to be a short story, or maybe a novelette tops. But now it is turning into a fully fledged YA novel, and I couldn't be happier. This one is going along rather quickly. Already at 20,000 words with no signs of slowing down. If you've missed the synopsis flying around, here it is:

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is an anti-gay policy sweeping the Bible Belt portion of the nation. Freshman journalism student Rachael Ainsley goes undercover as a high school senior named Cassie Rae for a tell-all exposé, hoping to drastically alter the Gay Rights Movement. She instantly befriends the gayest boy in school. Imagine his surprise when he finds out who she is…


 “I’m Zane. These are the consequences.”

He handed her a small booklet.

ANTI-Distraction PRO-Education
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

1. No student may openly discuss their sexual orientation if it lies outside of the traditional man-woman pairing.
2. No student may take another student of the same sex to a dance or school function as anything more than friends. 
3. No same sex student may show any public displays of affection [PDA].
4. No male student may wear female clothing.
5. No male student may wear make-up.
6. All books addressing or promoting homosexuality are hereby banned. 
7. If any student makes their unfavorable sexual orientation known they will thereby forfeit their gym class, which will be replaced by Reformation Hall.
8. Students forfeit inclusion in sports and extra-curricular activities if they let their unfavorable sexual orientation known.
9. If a student is “cured” he or she may return to gym and other all extra-curricular activities.


First Warning: Removal from gym.
Second Warning: Removal from sports and other extra-curricular activities. 
Third Warning: In School Suspension ISS
Fourth Warning: Suspension
Fifth Warning: Expulsion

If all students follow this handbook, we will have a happy and uneventful year. By continuing to attend classes, you have agreed to the terms and agreements within.

She closed the pamphlet in horror. How could this be legal? If they substituted gay for black, suddenly it would be something to cause outrage with students. It was still an outrage, at least to her. And after a month of undercover attendance, she would expose this ludicrous plan to the world. The ACLU and other organization would have a field day. She was so lost in her thoughts she forgot all about Zane, who was staring at her waiting for her opinion.


  1. Can't wait to read this! And write my own xD I'm really interested in how some schools in the US actually function like this, as I am from the UK it's a real great thing to know.


  2. As far as I know, no actual school functions like this. Or at least I would hope not. The only things I hear normally are excessive bullying and not allowing same-sex couples at dances.

  3. My daughter has several gay friends and the ones I've met are polite and respectful kids. They just want to express themselves and be accepted for who they are. I would protest any such policy that prohibits that. This is an important topic. I'll definitely read the book when you finish.