Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 6: Still Behind

Some sort of sick was determined to wreak havoc on me and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Honestly I was ready to scrap NaNo. Too much time spent sick or at work with no impetus to write. But my Saturday muse saved the day. For some reason on Saturdays and Sundays I write prolifically. Don't ask me why, I'll take it whenever my muse has time out of its busy schedule. Who knows who else it works for. Or perhaps it takes some temp jobs. Anyhow, I am happy when it visits. My muse saved NaNoWriMo, and while I am not even close to caught up, I have momentum. 

Here is an excerpt from Alzagnia(Working Title) my NaNo novel.

“When can my parents and Johnny come to Alzania? Won’t they be here in time for my coronation?” 

“I’m sorry Tarek, Alzagnia is no place for outsiders.”

“But Johnny is my best friend, and they’re my parents!” I pleaded.

“It wouldn't be safe for them here. Lazaar would put them in danger, not to mention we don’t want the outside world to even know about us. They would not understand our ways or the creatures that call Alzagnia home.”

Wait. So I was going to be king but I couldn’t even see my friends of family. This was not fair. And aside from blood, I was an outsider.

“I am an outsider.” I said bluntly to the woman who gave birth to me. I still wasn’t sure what to call her. 

“No. Alzagnia knows you.” She sounded serious, but to me she just sounded ridiculous. How the hell could a country, or a kingdom know me? 

“Places can’t know people. People know people.” I said, imagining Alzagnia personally welcoming me home and congratulating me on my coronation.

“Alzagnia is not like the land you grew up in. When you are coronated  tomorrow, you will have the full support of Alzagnia behind your reign. Not just the people of Alzagnia are loyal, so too are the creatures. If a creature is pure and true to the land, they will fight for you. The pulse beats strong in Alzagnia, Tarek. And starting tomorrow, it will beat for you.” Her face was still serious, but it was also something else. Pride. I wasn’t sure if she was proud of me or if she was proud of Alzagnia. 

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