Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thieves Only Gain Momentary Success

If someone builds a sandcastle and asks you to watch it, and walks off for a second it isn't your sandcastle. It is theirs. They took the time, care, and effort to build it. You are just someone they trust to watch it for a bit. Maybe you can add on a few shells to pretty it up, but you wouldn't build a fence around it and keep the original builders out. Okay, so this post isn't actually about sandcastles. But the premise is similar.

The facebook group Great Minds Think Aloud was taken over by someone promoted to admin status. You presented yourself as an ASSET to a respected page, and then tore it down. If you think that will stand in the Indie Author community you are sadly mistaken. Real authors work hard, too hard to gain a following. That isn't taking actual writing in to consideration. So how dare you steal someone's hard work. If you think we are going to buy "My cat changed administration status" bullshit, you are wrong. How daft do you think we are? Just so you know, writers are pretty intelligent people by nature.

Also, we stick together. Author Karma is the basis for a lot of these groups. You are probably the same slime that tears down others to feel better about yourself. Here's an idea. WORK HARD AND MAKE YOUR OWN SUCCESS. Oh, right. It is easier to lie and steal and cheat. You have just set an entire community against you. Good luck living this one down. 

Giving it back is the right thing to do, but it doesn't absolve you of your blame. That's like stealing someone's child and then giving it back and expecting no repercussions...


  1. Love this post Theresa! Thank you so much! Fantastic analogy by the way you are a true writer my dear friend!

    Many hugs,


  2. He actually said cat. I'm interested in finding out if he removed all of us "staffers" too because Kitty had to re-add me which is why I missed it! So sharing this! And I've already let all book/indie boards I'm on what's up!