Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reborn (Requiem of Humanity book two) by Catherine Stovall

5 out of 5 stars!

SynopsisJenda, Matteo, and Soborgne have escaped to Budapest in search of a safe hiding place from the Dracul. Knowing their future is unsure and danger surrounds them, they seek out the help of Matteo’s old friend, Celeste, at the Castle Vajdahunyad. When Matteo confesses all his secrets, the girls learn their part in an ancient prophecy that foretells the destruction of humanity.

After a deadly attack on the castle, Soborgne disappears with the strange man from her dreams and Jenda is left trying to convince the others of her friend’s innocence. While Soborgne is busy relishing the life of a vampire unrestrained and learning the dark secrets of her own life, Celeste calls together a meeting of the Coven and the Clan--a group of vampires and witches--to prepare for war against the Dracul.

Trying to save her and Soborgne from certain death, Jenda works to unravel the mystery of the prophecy. Driven by unanswered questions, she ventures back into the astral world where she comes face to face with an enemy they all thought could never hurt them again. Jenda learns the key to finding Soborgne and preventing the prophecy, but it comes at a steep price.

Review: Reborn, the second installment in the Requiem of Humanity series, by Catherine Stovall starts and ends with a bang. The action doesn't let up from the first to last page and does sequels everywhere a favor. I enjoyed Reborn even more than Stolen, and I enjoyed Stolen quite a bit. They are different in the fact that Stolen builds slowly and envelopes the reader in back-story and lore, and by the time Reborn comes around you pretty much know it all and can get right into the meat of the story. Holding true to her writing style, Stovall keeps the emotions raw, the scenes mystical and enchanting, and the characters convincing.

Reborn doesn't read like a vampire novel. It is more like the hero's journey that just so happens to be about vampires. She is keeping the series fresh and away from the tired vampire cliches. Faraway places, rich culture, witches, vampires, and demons await you in this enthralling read. I can now say for certain that the Requiem of Humanity series(so far Stolen and Reborn) are the best vampire books I've read in I don't know how long. I honestly can't think of one that I've enjoyed as much or more than this(especially one that doesn't rely on sex, profanity, and over-the-top-violence).

If you haven't read Stolen, make sure to do so you can enjoy this stellar read.

You can get your copy of Stolen HERE, and Reborn HERE Happy reading!

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