Monday, January 16, 2012

Torn review by Rue Volley

If you have missed book one in Rue Volley’s Razor Saga, I highly recommend you go and get it. Now, but only if you are comfortable with hardcore erotic fiction. Trust me, you’ll want to read it so you can jump right into book two, Torn. Torn was a fast-paced, super hot read that left me anxious for the next one. 

We find Lilah in the aftermath of Razor, and while I can’t tell you what that situation is in fear of giving things away, when you begin Torn you will still be reeling from the loop Rue Volley threw you in the first installment.

 Volley will take you places no other book printed in the United States can take you. Her book is so dirty US printers refuse to print it, and that is the highest praise an author can get.[At least in my opinion.] Both Razor and Torn are edgy, beautifully written stories that leave you wanting more. The characters, regardless of the time spent in the story are engaging and believable. 

I love it when an author writes to tell a story alone, and not worry about marketability. Rue Volley is that author.

The Razor Saga will take you places you never thought you would go, but you may never want to leave. I am already anticipating book three in the series, Malice.

If my blog had star ratings, I would definitely assign both Razor and Torn a five out of five.


  1. Great review. Not one, but two great books. Good luck with the third!