Saturday, January 7, 2012

Venn by Roxanne Hunter

I finally got an eReader again, so my review posts will become more frequent.

The first book I finished reading in the new year was Venn by Roxanne Hunter, and boy was it good.

Wow. What a read. Venn by Roxanne Hunter was  hard to put down. Almost immediately you find out that Jessie Daniels has not had a good life. Everyone needs a protector, and for Jessie that guardian is Venn. As a means to protect her, Venn commits a murder which lands Jessie into a mental institution. Most of the hospital staff treats Jessie and Venn horribly. No progress is made until Dr. Reynolds comes along. It is hard not to give details away, but I would hate to spoil such a good read. I will say this: First impressions can be misleading and people aren’t always as they portray themselves. In Venn you will find that just about anyone can surprise you. Not all of the therapists are against Jessie and Venn, and they are some of the characters I grew to love the most. If you love a stagnant, straight-forward story, this one isn’t for you. But if you like a great deal of character development and twists and turns aplenty this one is for you. The end leaves you wanting more. When can I get Venn: Reborn? I will definitely read any Roxanne Hunter book I come across from here on out. 

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