Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dianne Gardner Guest Post

 Today I have Dianne Gardner here on my blog talking about the creation of an album based off of her novel. How cool is that? Since music is such an integral part of my writing process, I think it would be awesome to have an album based off of any one of my novels. But since I don't, let's learn a little about someone who does.

I’ve always written poetry, ever since I can remember. Poetry to me has been a sort of abstract language that soothes my soul and digs deep inside, excreting thought that I don’t normally expose. So it’s no wonder that I included poems in my Ian’s Realm Sage.

Deception Peak is a story about a young boy who, with his father a widower, enters a portal through their computer into a magical land. The first experiences they share are brought to them with a haunting song sung by a voice on the wind warning of the consequences of their trepass.

You come, you come to lands unknown
You venture farther than you think
You write your purpose on the stones
You can’t go back until you’ve grown
Your ways are marked; your steps are forged
Beware, be strong; be now alarmed
For duty beckons, honor calls
Your fate is written on the walls
This cup of valor you must drink,
This cup of valor you must drink.

Throughout the story Ian learns that the songs on the wind are known as the Songs of Wisdom, and entity that the native people trust as their counselor.
It’s a little wonder that when I made the trailer for The Dragon Shield, book 2 in the series, that I felt compelled to find someone that could help me put a song or two to music. When I asked my videographer, Alex Chandler if he knew of a vocalist he referred me to Lexa Rose. She was so excited to accommodate my request that she called me that evening and in a day had recorded, with four part harmony the Ballad of The Dragon Shield, using the lyrics from the book and her talents to create a hauntingly beautiful piece of music.
Well, needless to say the story continued and we agreed to create an album with all the songs, and some bonus pieces, one which will be Abbi’s Song (for those who know the story, they’re going to love it. It was originally titled My Shit Love Life). All done in Lexa’ wonderful Enya style. The album will have 10 tracks at least and will sell for $10 on bandwidth and our websites. But we’re currently doing a RocketHub fundraiser to pay for sleeves and discs.

Some of what we’re offering besides the CD are posters of Stenhjaert the Dragon, the donor’s name on the label, an ebook, and the entire series for the really generous donors. If you want to hear Lexa, watch the trailer. She’s an extremely talented young lady and I’m thrilled to work with her!

My Website with links to all my books and trailers

Lexa Rose’s Website Facebook Page

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