Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something I started a while back. Maybe it will evolve.

Doppelgangers. Similar, yet not the same. Spread amongst the universe are beings that are very alike, but are in no way related to one another. Such a pair can be comparable physically, mentally, or a combination thereof. Welcome to the world of Twinisms.

It was nearly time for the much anticipated solar eclipse to occur and the masses were out to enjoy the phenomenon. In a matter of moments the moon was sauntering across the sky to obscure the Sun. The midday sky darkened as black as the midnight sky, just as if Mother Earth had turned out the lights prematurely. A brilliant ring appeared around the moon. The radiating sun was breathtaking, a nightlight to rival them all.

Folktale and lore surround the Total Eclipse. One is never supposed to look directly at the sun. Unable to look away from the sheer brilliance of it all, two people stared on. A momentary lurch forward seemed to come over the two, whose eyes were glued to the sun. A seismic shift could be felt. Both parties dropped to the ground, and did not regain consciousness for quite some time.

“A” came to in a hospital room. She desperately tried to remember what she was doing before she ended up in the hospital. She could only remember a luminous light, and waking up dressed in a tacky hospital gown. The images were blurry at first, her sleep-laden eyes lazily adjusting to her surroundings. When she was fully aware of her surroundings, a sudden chill went down her spine and left her tingling. She didn’t know a single person in this room. They looked like they knew her, though. She suddenly felt alone, more alone than she had in her entire life.


“B” groggily tried to take in details of the room around her. How did she end up in what she assumed was a hospital room? No one was there to greet her. Where was her family? They had all been right with her when they were observing the eclipse. The Eclipse. The last thing B could recall was staring, enthralled at the sun. Now she was in a cold, spotless hospital room without a soul she knew. She shivered…realizing how very alone she was. More alone than she had ever been in her entire life.


  1. There's a lot you can do if you carry this story on. Maybe a doppelganger is connected in more than just their looks, but if they share an experience perhaps they become two parts of the same puzzle? What if they're opposites but that only serves to pull them closer?

    Just some thoughts after I'd read it. Seems like more description can be put in, the pacing seemed to fast like it was more of review, but like you said it's something you started a while back. I think you should pick it up again and start working on it.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I didn't even bother reading this one after I furiously typed it out and forgot about it. It was basically an outline/beginning of an idea. :)