Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am very conflicted. I was planning on Theresa Stoddard being the more adult and T. R. Stoddard being my YA, but I am interested in a great many genres. And say I were ever to do anything TOO adult I would rather it not be readily available to my YA readers. Not to mention my Children's books. Still Planning to get my picture book out of The Raven and the Writing Desk. I just need to come up with the illustrations or find a good partner.


  1. I think I understand what you're getting at with this, because on Smashwords they haul all your books together, and like you, I write in a diverse collection of genres. I have Joseph Eastwood (Real Name) for dark fantasy and YA-ish, and then I have J. T. James for Horror and Thomas Jay for realistic fiction---but I don't want them all to be available on the same account, because my realistic fiction rolls into coming -of-age and gay/lesbian, and I don't want my fantasy writing to associate with that side.

    :( Life's full of too much choice.

  2. I mean, I want people to crossover, but when it is age appropriate. No way would I let a child read my novel. Mature or not, they just shouldn't read it. I don't want them expecting The Adventures of Aluria or more juvenile work and getting a hold of Sunny With a Chance of Homicide, or worse if I publish any in that route. Lol