Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top Ten Television Shows

Tonight I feel like posting something a bit different. I have tried my hardest to narrow down my top ten favorite shows and will tell you all why they made it to my list. Or just something that comes to mind about the show. I hope you enjoy. Comment with your favorite or favorites. 

Big Bang Theory- I absolutely love BBT. Sheldon is amazingly hilarious with his idiosyncrasies, though I love all of the characters. I really enjoy the evolution of Amy Farrah Fowler. I cannot wait for the next season. 
Bones- I love the chemistry between Bones and Booth. And Hodgins makes the show. I just recently started in on Bones and flew through season 1, 2, and half of three. I am trying to pace myself though, because it is a fresh, intelligent, amusing, and all around wonderful show. 
Dexter- Michael C Hall is a favorite of mine, especially in Dexter. I love the evolution you witness between season 1 and season 5 with him. Serial killer killing serial killers. I just love the premise. Season five has to be my favorite, I won't get terribly specific because spoilers really suck.
Drop Dead Diva- Vapid model gets killed by a fruit-truck, dies, presses the reset button and returns to Earth. In a different body.(A much larger body than she is used to.) The way she adapts and the fun legal aspect of this show really appeals to me. 
Glee- I just love Glee. All of the characters. All of the songs. Everything. Okay, so I love to hate a few characters, but they all have their merit. I must say I have turned into quite the GLeek. I am proud though.
How I Met Your Mother- I can recite all of the Barney-isms. I absolutely love Neil Patrick Harris, and started watching the show because of him. But I love all of the characters. Especially Marshall and Lily. It comes back in September. Cannot wait.
True Blood- Do I even need to say anything about True Blood? I love everything about True Blood. And it seems as of late they have been playing Best Body episodes. In my opinion they can continue. Alcide and Eric have about the best bodies I have ever seen. Also, the witch plot line has really started to intrigue me. It seemed like background at first, but I am really enjoying it now. Antonia is one scary witch. 
Modern Family- Modern Family focuses on various family lifestyles. The "normal" family group, a gay couple with an adopted baby, and a young woman, her son, and her much-older husband. They are all connected and get along in a humorous manner.
Six Feet Under- Another Michael C Hall role. Six Feet Under was an acquired taste for me, but once I got it I was addicted.

I didn't want to give away too much so I just typed out a few words next to my picks. Happy Watching!

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  1. Ahhh how could I forget Warehouse 13 and Eureka? Those are definitely favorites of mine. I am no good at this favorite stuff. I forgot my scifi shows, or excuse my syfy(ew)