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Author Interview: Zvezdana Rashkovich

Welcome to my blog Zvezdana. 
Hi Theresa, I am honored to be one of your guest bloggers

Has writing always been a passion of yours, or did you discover it at a later age? 
I have been writing since I was a child. My mom instilled this love for writing in me being an aspring writer herself. I kept an exhaustive journal through my teens fueled by observations of living in Africa and an idyllic if lonely life on a farm by the Nile. I wrote novellas based on the many multicultural characters I came in contact with while growing up within a traditional Sudanese stepfamily and attending an International school.

Do you outline or write as you go? 
I always start with an outline. A vision flickering in my mind or a sudden moment that sets the rest of the story into motion. Later, the characters take on a life and passions of their own.

What inspires you? 
I am definitely inspired by people. What secrets they might keep, their life stories their internal struggles. Multiculture fascinates me, blending of identities and their conflict within oneself.

Do you get inspired by a certain element? 
Definitely Air!! free and versatile, easily adaptable, necessary to life

Do you listen to music or multitask while writing?
I multitask throughout my writing. I am a mom to four children ages 8 to 21 and juggle many tasks during the course of my 'writing time'. Doing laundry and helping the kids with homework for example!

What is your favorite genre, and least favorite? 
My favorite genre has to be World Literature and Thrillers. I am not a big fan of horror or romance. With the exception of some Stephen King :)

Who are among your favorite authors?
Barbara Kingsolver is my hero. A Croatian historical novelist Marija Juric Zagorka has inspired me since I was a child. Leila Aboulela who is personal friend, for her lyrical portrayal of life in Sudan. The young and new novelist Thea Obhert for the poignant look into life of my native Balkans in the 'Tiger's Wife'... Steinbeck..Hemingway. The good old classics, Tolstoy for example...

What is your favorite piece you’ve written, and what is it about?
My favorite piece is a short story about a Sunday afternoon in my native Croatia. Based on memories of my extensive quirky female relatives.(I had seven aunts!) Their antics were legendary, their cooking delicious and the memory warm.

Let’s change things up:

What is a hidden talent of yours?
Oh I don't know if I have anything hidden! I guess it would be my knack for languages and accents. I speak colloquial Arabic like a native I was told. Most times people refuse to believe that I am not of Arab origin due to that. Drives me crazy!

Do you have any animals?
I grew up on a farm with 15 dogs, cows,chickens and a donkey with an attitude. These days though it's just turtles and hamsters for me due to the difficulty of taking care of pets in the heat of Dubai and frequent traveling.


TV shows
My favorite shows are HOUSE, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, CSI and 30Rock.

Books The Pillars of the Earth, How to kill a Mockingbird, War and Peace, The god of small things, The Poisonwood Bible, Scent of Rain in the Balkans and many more...from Balkan literature to Dr. Seuss:)

Animal My favorite animal is the horse, for its grace, honor and loyalty.

Color Black

To wrap things up, tell me about your novel Dubai Wives.
In a tantalizing tale of eight diverse women whose lives intersect in Dubai, author Zvezdana Rashkovich invites readers into a world of decadence, riches, and heartache that lies within this unique desert metropolis.Dubai Wives is multicultural suspense novel that reveals a city where no one is who they seem to be… and where everything is possible.

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