Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Definition: The force generated by a person's actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person's next existence.

While I do not identify with Hinduism or Buddhism directly, I believe in Karma in a sense. Or at least, I like the concept behind it. Things you do in this life directly effect other things that happen in this life, as opposed to the other life.  I would really like to think that by doing good deeds, good things will happen and visa versa. 

This leads me to a question, how one attains karma(or builds it). 

If you set out to do something good to gain karma, does that make it count less in the karmic point system than just doing something good without karma being considered? 

What do you consider to be karmic returns? The feeling you get doing something nice for someone else? Advancement in your career? Material incentives? 

Anyway, all of this was brought on by the three good deeds I did today. Karma wasn't a thought in my mind during any of my decisions. But if it was in my subconscious, that could have been my impetus. 

  1. As I was leaving the house with my Mom to go get my paycheck I saw something in the road. I panicked and screamed "I think that is a dog or a cat in the road? Is it dead? Stop!" I hurriedly got out of the car and it was a small whitish-beige dog. My guess was a young maltese/poodle mix. It was still breathing, and I thought it may have a chance to survive. I tried to pick it up, but hesitated when I saw the pool of blood under its head. I started crying. I am ridiculously emotional when it comes to bleeding animals. I stood over it so it wouldn't get hit by another car, and had Mom do the same while I went door to door searching for this poor dog's owner. I found a lady who didn't know who the dog belonged to, but she helped me regardless. In about 20 minutes and 5 or 6 interactions with neighbors we found who it belonged to. By that point we had already moved it out of the road and it was dead, or very close to. The pulse was barely there, if there at all. At that point it could have been the wind. Regrettably the dog I found belonged to a four year old boy who had recently lost it. I don't know if the parents told him, but he was very sad that he couldn't find his "white dog". While it was a sad and heart-wrenching experience for me, I am glad that I was a large part of finding the animals owners and comforting the dog as it died. 
  2. After getting my pittance of a check I went to Sams(a grocery store) and saw a Blood Bus in the parking lot. I donated blood. I did get a snack and a tee shirt, but I would have done it without it.
  3. I gave food to a homeless man and his dog. 
Maybe the inspiration to write this blog is my Karmic return. 

Would be curious to hear everyone's thoughts. 

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