Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Return of the Night Terror

All night terrors are bad, but some stand out above the rest. Last night I had not one, but two night terrors of this caliber. I feel completely drained. I feel as if I got no sleep and everything about my day seems fuzzy. The last time I had one this bad was back in November. That post can be found here. 

I am never able to remember my night terrors. Generally only bits and pieces. This morning I texted my boyfriend some of the details so I could recall them later on. Honestly, the written details are the only parts I can remember and not knowing the rest is always the worst part.

I went back to my elementary school. My second grade teacher was there. She told me she was helping the children out eight days a week. It didn't register then how strange that was. Well, I followed her to her "class" and I was surrounded by a bunch of dead children in the hallways. They were singing Ring Around The Rosy in out of tune unison. Just as they were about to kill me my roommate heard me and woke me from that one.

I had another one and she said I had been screaming louder that time. I didn't write down the details so I have no idea what it was about. I noticed that my last Night Terror post got a lot of hits from people looking up night terrors. Hopefully some of those people can relate, not with the hellish things that are happening, but by knowing others experience the same thing.

Hopefully I can shed this feeling of dread, otherwise I will be writing strictly horror for a while.

Maybe night terrors are just a very warped version of a muse.

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