Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Change Can Be a Good Thing

It is funny how much can change in just a few hours.

After working the day job I was grocery shopping and got an email on my phone. As per usual, I check it right away. What it said on the top was Publishing Contract. That didn't look ominous, right? Wrong. I open the email and it is a breakup letter from my publisher. That I am not a right fit for the company. It caught me off guard to say the least. Also, I was devastated and trying to hide my hurt from the people around me. Well, that didn't go well. So I go where I always go to vent on facebook. Just expecting to whine and moan to get it out of my system. Well, I got messaged by a publisher, and a few emails later I had a contract for Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The following morning I signed a contract for both Don't Ask, Don't Tell AND Sunny With a Chance of Homicide. The middle of the day and then end of the day were polar opposites. The lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. I cannot wait to get things off to a great start.

Here is my new cover for Don't Ask, Don't Tell:

Synopsis(in case anyone has missed it): Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is an anti-gay policy sweeping the Bible Belt portion of the nation. Freshman journalism student Rachael Ainsley goes undercover as a high school senior named Cassie Rae for a tell-all exposé, hoping to drastically alter the Gay Rights Movement. She instantly befriends the gayest boy in school. Imagine his surprise when he finds out who she really is. Can she stick to her deadline, or will she be discovered before she has a chance to change the lives of the students attending Mooreville High?

You can add it on goodreads HERE

The release date is slated for early September, so keep your eyes out. 

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