Monday, August 13, 2012

The Kid's Interview


Since I don't have a kid, I will be interviewing Pepe.

Pepe, age 28 double-yellow-headed amazon

Q.Will you do an author interview with me, Pepe?

Pepe: Come here. Hello. Hi.

Q.  Can you name all your Mom’s books?

Pepe:Come here baby

Q.  Which is your favorite, and why?

Pepe: Duhhhh

Q.  When does your Mom write?  Where in the house?  Describe her writing area.

Pepe: Cracker cracker

Q.  What are you doing when Mom is writing?

Pepe: Hi Pepe

Q.  If Mom got rich and famous, what would you want her to do with the money?

Pepe: It’s alright. Go away

Q.  Do you read your Mom’s books?

Pepe: Give me a kiss

Q.  Do you think you do better in school because Mom is a writer?


Q.  Do your friends know what your Mom writes?  Do you tell them?

Pepe:*laughs* Hi Pep, come here,

Q.  Do you want to be a writer when you grow up?  If not, what do you want to be.                 

Pepe:*bobs his head*

Q.  If you could dedicate a book to your Mom, what would you say?

Pepe:Come here.  Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom It’s alriiiiight. Whore. 


  1. OMG!! *burst out laughing* This is hilarious and sweet! LMAO! Thanx for sharing! <3

  2. This is FANTASTIC! Must have more Pepe ;)

    1. Pepe is definitely a character. I have been thinking about using him as advertising. "Now available on Amazon" with his picture. Lol

  3. That is just precious!!! Thank you for sharing this cute little interview. Say Hello to Pepe for me.