Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poetry Thursday

I may not always keep right on schedule, but I figured I'd share a few poems with everyone.

A Place Where...

Breaking apart
Busting through the seams
Falling out of touch
All I can do is scream

No place where I belong
Stress threatening to take me past my limits
I can’t take it
I just want to go somewhere so quiet 
My pulse so loud it threatens to burst

A place so cold the rest of me matches my insides
A place so dark I can get lost in the shadows
A place where I forget me
And where everyone else forgets me too.

A place so far away
It doesn’t show up on most maps
A place so hard to get to
Few could bring me back

A place where I can get lost in my thoughts
Somewhere where I don’t jump at every sound
Somewhere where I feel at home.

I want to go to a place that can swallow me whole
A place where I no longer feel
Numbness the norm
Apathy the routine
A place where no one cares
A place where I don’t care

Carrot Whore
The cookie monster sold out
He betrayed the cookies too
Give him enough money 
And he’ll sell you out too

Carrots aren’t his thing
But to get him some more bling
He’ll lie to you

And then secretly 
He eats all the cookies
And still he lies to you

The cookie monster is a sell out
And he’d sell you out too

He noms the cookies in hiding
Eating cookies behind closed doors
The old beloved cookie monster 
Is now a carrot whore.

Rainbows and Unicorns
What I thought were rainbows and unicorns 
Turned out to be barbed wire and knives.
The sunshine turned out to be a halogen light.
The expansive meadows were just a long barren hall

The sounds of birds and bees 
Were just the whispers behind my back. 
The flowers were just floor lamps
The butterflies were just broken glass

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