Monday, September 19, 2011

Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers
[a flash fiction zombie story]

Things had changed ever since the zombies begun to run, or more accurately 
shamble amuck. Society as we had once known it was in disrepair. The survivors were far 
and few between, and they generally stayed out of dodge. But there were those few 
individuals that had fun with the state of things--and they turned the situation into a sort 
of parody of life as they remembered it. Caleb was one of those people. He had run a 
semi-successful adult entertainment establishment. The place was suffering with only 
zombie clients and clientele, and they never paid. However, staying alive was far more 
precious to Caleb than any sort of currency. Money meant nothing in this day and age. 
Survival. That’s what it’s all about. Just because he could become a snack at any time 
didn’t take away his sense of humor. The signs out front that had once raved about “Live 
entertainment” now flashed “Dead Entertainment”. Some of his girls had been turned, but 
they didn’t seemed to know it. Instead of stripping garments as they had once done, they 
stripped layers of skin. The rest of the zombie population seemed to like this form of 
entertainment. The zombie strippers sated them, parts of humanity could be seen here and 
there among the zombies. Every time he passed the sign, he felt a small amount of joy, 
and with the state of things, joy went a long way. As long as there were zombie strippers, 
Caleb would be just fine. 

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