Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Homicide

Why hello, world. I would like to introduce you to my debut novel, Sunny With a Chance of Homicide. This is a re-release, as I did everything wrong the first time. But I have learned from my mistake and think my cover looks pretty bad-ass now. I know how I've been going on about YA Fantasy, but this has absolutely nothing to do with it. Nothing young about this. There are elements of torture, sex, language, you know, all the good stuff. 

Here is my synopsis: Waking up in solitary confinement is never fun for anyone, and Randall is no exception. He is subjected to relive crucial moments from his past until he finds himself out on his own, free. He finds new love, but as always an old flame complicates things. His reality and fantasy worlds collide putting him in a very compromising position. Can he make it out with his relationship intact?

As of now it is only available on Smashwords, which, in my opinion is more user-friendly than amazon. But it will be there shortly. I'd say 24 hours based on their estimations.

Buy, Share, Pimp, Promote, or whatever you feel inclined to do. I appreciate it all!

Every time I make a sale I get all giddy and ridiculously smiley. I must say it is a ridiculous sight. Enjoy 

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