Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Removing the Block. My cures for Writer's Block

Writer's Block. A writer's worst nightmare. Well, aside from rejection letters and the other unpleasantries of the business. But for the purposes of this blog entry writers block is a writers worst nightmare.

These are my tips:

1. Mentally Stimulating Distraction: Lately I've found that playing Solitaire has tremendously helped my writer's block. If the ideas aren't flowing I open my document and a game of Solitaire. The other night I ended up winning three games and writing quite a bit. I would call this one a win-win.

2. Pressure: Also, I find the ideas start flowing when I am somewhere where it isn't practical to write. Like work, for example. I'll be making a bed or folding some towels and suddenly I have to write. Some days I can take my lunch break and spend it writing, but some days the ideas come post lunch. In which case I have to try to desperately cling to my ideas, hoping they don't fade away on the walk home. I find it interesting that pressure seems to create the most ideas for me. I can be sitting home on a day off doing nothing of importance with plenty of time to write, but the mood doesn't strike.

3. Dividing Attention: I've also found that dividing my attention between various pieces makes the ideas flow that much more. If I get stuck on Aluria: The Prophecy I can work on the sequel to Sunny With a Chance of Homicide. Or my children's book. Or the other two which are in their infancy.

4. Writeordie.com: And I can never say enough about http://writeordie.com/ I urge you to visit it and take a look around if you are having problems getting the words to flow.

What are your cures for writers block?

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