Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Read this and then vote on which piece you are most looking forward to.

This post is to go along with the poll I put up on the left side of my blog. I want to know which piece people are the most interested in reading. So, here is a short synopsis of each, in the order they appear on the poll.

Aluria: The Prophecy: [A YA fantasy series] Skye is a sixteen year old who runs away after experiencing some family problems. After a bizarre boat-ride she finds herself in a place unlike she has ever seen before. Little did she know, the place she ended up was experiencing problems far worse than her own. She meets Lance, a member of a peace-loving race, the Alurians who have been forced underground by the evil Lord Furgison. Lance tells her she is the one from their prophecies, the only one who can save them and help them return to life as it was before. Lord Furgison's plans are aided by seven types of monsters: Pride, Lust, Anger, Envy, Sloth, Greed, and Gluttony. In this land, the seven deadly sins aren't ideas, they're real and will do everything in their power to keep Lord Furgison in Power. Skye is joined by Lance and four others to embark on the journey of a life time, putting everything at risk to save this wonderful race of people.

The Hunted: [An erotic Halloween tale.] Hadrian is an experienced hunter of all things supernatural. He loves killing vampires the most. On Halloween night he follows a gaudily dressed vampire to her home to engage in a night of passion. Little does he know, Oleander wasn't kidding. She really was a vampire. Once a mortal enters a vampire's home, they cannot leave unless the vampire allows them to. Once he figures out that she's a vampire he doesn't know what to do. Three thoughts race through his mind. Leave her. Kill her. Or fuck her again. How will Hadrian the Hunter respond to becoming the Hunted?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: A Month in Reformation Hall: [A Young Adult/Teen Novella or Novel depending on how long it gets.] Rachael goes undercover at Mooreville High to write a tell-all piece for her journalism portfolio. School's across the bible belt, USA, have instituted a new policy. Don't Ask, Don't Tell. It is no longer allowed to "come out" at a public school, and LGBT students will receive varying degrees of consequences if they do. Rachael goes undercover as Cassie Ray and instantly befriend a stereo-typically gay boy named Zane Miller. This will recount their time in Reformation Hall(where gay students get sent as their first warning). Brian is a bully who makes Zane's life hell, and Coach Tyler[A seemingly closet butch lesbian] overly enforces the DADT policy.

Sequel to Sunny With a Chance of Homicide: [Adult Psychological Thriller-novel] This one picks up right where Sunny With a Chance of Homicide left off. It focuses on the consequences of Randall's actions and centers around what a Mother is willing to do to save her own name. This will either be the final, or next to final novel in this set.

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  1. I'd be most interested in Don't Ask Don't Tell. Then Aluria. =)